Life is Complicated Enough.

Your Utility Management
SHouldn’t Be.

You have enough to worry about without juggling multiple service providers and dealing with the hassle of managing utilities. Let OnePoint worry about overseeing maintenance, handling repairs, and processing billing. We make utility management for your multi-family property simple.

We’re one of the nation’s leading full-service utility management companies, and the only team that’s looking out for your bottom line. We do this by constantly monitoring your provider bill and addressing maintenance issues before they become expensive problems. OnePoint also provides unprecedented customer care and the most accurate and reliable resident billing in the industry. It’s that easy. At OnePoint, we simplify your life.


We believe in simplifying our customers’ lives by taking the hassle out of utilities. The only way we can do that is working towards your best interests always.


OnePoint does more to conserve our natural resources. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to help you and your customers reduce consumption.


Our Customer Care team is the best in the industry. Whether it’s maintenance, installation, or billing, OnePoint has your back anytime, any day.


We work for you, and that means we work for your customers. We’re committed to solving any problem and finding new ways to make utilities a better experience for everyone.

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